This parent is totally honest about the struggles of becoming a mum – can you relate?

Postnatal depression

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One mum has opened up about struggling to connect with her newborn son

Becoming a parent is one of the most incredible moments in people's lives. It's a huge shock to the system and will literally change your life for as long as you live.

While it can be an amazing experience a lot of people find it difficult to adjust to the change. It was recently revealed in Closer magazine that 30% of mother's regret having children and one Mumsnet user has opened up about her struggle in motherhood.

The new mum who goes by the username Usernoidea posted a message explaining how she felt months after her son was born.

Postnatal depression
The mum revealed she regretted becoming a mum at first (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

She admitted: "When my son was born 5 months ago, I posted on here saying it was hideous, I'd made a mistake and I regretted becoming a mum.

"I was struggling a lot with the shock of my new life and was missing my life before…It was all a bit of a blur."

However, she then went on to explain that eventually she began to feel better and now has a positive outlook on motherhood: "Now I've found out that those of you who posted messages of support were right!

"It does get a bit easier. You do miss your old life less. You do feel a bond developing a bit more when your baby starts to respond and yes it's ok to think the new-born bit is dull and a total slog!

Mum suffering postnatal depression
Lots of other parents related to situation (Credit: Getty Images)

"So thanks. It helped. It's still hard and I do wish sometimes I could just check out BUT over time I've realised that I am able to do this!"


Plenty of other parents have commented and related to her situation. One person wrote: "That's lovely to hear! I was the same when my first was born 10.5 years ago. Cried for weeks. Thought I'd ruined my life."

They continued: "But it did get easier and so much more enjoyable. Last night we were watching video clips filmed on my phone when they were about 2 and 5 (they're now 7 and 10).

"We were in absolute stitches, crying with laughter, at the things they did and said…brought back happy memories of how much fun they were (and still are, just in a different way)."

Postnatal depression
Many parents opened up on their own situation and admitted they did feel better as time went on (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

Another commented: "In my case I just enjoyed it more and more as I got to know them. I am loving their teen years too."

A third person said: "Everyone is different but I found it started to get really fun as soon as they could walk. Once they can speak it's hilarious (mostly). Fun times are coming!"

Someone else wrote: "I enjoyed each stage more than the last… one day you will find yourself enjoying an inside joke or sharing a funny story with a witty teen and you'll wonder how you ever existed without them"

Postnatal depression
Have you gone through a similar situation? (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

Another person related and said: "Good on you for making it through. The new-born stage is absolutely awful for many parents, and that cold feeling of having the ultimate life-wrecking mistake is one I remember horribly well."

The mum who goes by the username Usernoidea agreed that she feels much better about her son although she admitted she's not going to have any more children.

She wrote: "I wouldn't do it again but I'm appreciating him more... [and] if you are a single mum – I think you rock!"

How lovely!

You can read the full thread here.

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