Paedophile Hunter Stinson Hunter shares video footage of dramatic hit and run

The Paedophile Hunter has shared shocking footage of the moment he was run over during the Nuneaton sting operation (WARNING: DISTRESSING FOOTAGE)


by Kayleigh Dray |
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The Paedophile Hunter suffered serious injuries after being hit by a car in June 2013, when a man he had arranged to meet while posing as an underage girl ran him down with his car in a 'malicious' attack.

"As a result I suffered severe injuries, including a massive hole in my head"

He suffered two broken ankles and head injuries during the incident, and spent seven days recovering in hospital.

Now Stinson has taken to YouTube to have his say on the life-changing incident, revealing: "This is something I should have spoken about a long time ago, but this is something I've struggled with myself for a considerable amount of time.

"As most of you know last year i was involved in a very serious hit and run accident - well, I say accident, but you know."


He continued: "As a result I suffered severe injuries, including a massive hole in my head… two broken ankles, my shoulders… life changing injuries, that mean I can't walk properly.

Stinson went on to claim that he has had absolutely no support or offered any physiotherapy following the incident, and that witness support have been extremely unhelpful.

He then goes on to share horrifying footage of the hit and run, which can be viewed below:

He continues: "The consequences of whats happened… this person, he ran me over, and drove off, and left me.

"I couldn't sleep for a long time after it. i couldn't eat, i couldn't do anything, i was scared to go out."

Stinson added emotionally: "I'm not asking for sympathy… I'm not asking for anything, I just wanted to get it off my chest.

"I'm not getting paid for this… I'm not doing this for my own glory.

"For everyone questioning my integrity, watch the footage just shown. Watch the paedophile hunter, and know that I believe in [what I'm doing].

"I'm in this for the right reasons."


Staffordshire Police have urged anyone with information about child sexual abuse to contact them directly.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Hardern, from the force's Protecting Vulnerable People department, said: "We understand the desire to protect children but any member of the public who has information about child sexual abuse, online or otherwise, should get in contact with the police so we can investigate and bring people to justice.

"Revealing the identity of suspected paedophiles gives the suspect the opportunity to destroy evidence before the police can investigate them. It also leads to people who have been identified going missing or raising concerns for their safety.

"If any member of the public has concerns about online grooming, they should report them to Staffordshire Police on 101, to CEOP at, or to Crimestoppers. If you think a child is at immediate risk of harm call 999."

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