Could you take back a cheating husband? Psychologist Emma Kenny on why cheating Ozzy Osbourne will never change


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Last week, Sharon Osbourne confirmed she wouldn't be divorcing her rocker hubby Ozzy, 67, despite his alleged affair with his hair stylist, Michelle Pugh, 45.

In May this year, Sharon, 63, kicked him out of their Beverley Hills mansion, but last week, on Good Morning America, Sharon confirmed they were back together, saying: "It's been very hard, but for me I forgive."

It's not the first time Ozzy has been accused of infidelity.

Here, Closer psychologist Emma Kenny tells Sharon that while forgiveness is one thing, she shouldn't expect Ozzy to change...

Closer psychologist Emma Kenny
Emma Kenny

"Dear Sharon,

When I heard you were staying with Ozzy despite his latest 'slip' I wasn't surprised- there's so much history there.

You've been with him since you were 18, you have three children together. It's hard to let that go. But you could move on and be with someone that deserves you.

This isn't idle talk, I've been there with a cheating husband- I've lived through the devastation of such a huge betrayal.

Nine years ago I discovered my ex had been cheating on me with a close friend. At the time I thought our marriage was happy, though looking back, I realise we'd become more like friends.

I'd become suspicious of his behaviour and confronted him and he admitted everything. I knew then it was over.

I realise you have a much longer history with Ozzy- you;ve been married for 34 years. Your lives are so entwined it must be very frightening to contemplate being apart- you're probably scared of growing old alone and how life might be with out him- that's understandable.

I also think your identity is so caught up with him- you were his manager, you organise him, and mother him. But that's part of the reason why he behaves like a silly boy who hasn't grown up..."

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