Outraged mum reveals restaurant charged her to heat baby’s milk bottle

A mother has shared her outrage after restaurant staff insisted they would not warm her baby's bottle unless she paid them extra cash


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Gemma Cawte, 31, had spent £10 at the cafe on lunch for herself and her 5-year-old daughter, but, when she asked staff to warm her baby son's bottle, they refused to do it without extra cash.

"The woman wasn’t apologetic at all. I was angry and upset"

Speaking with The Mirror, Gemma shockingly revealed: "I asked if they could put it in some hot water behind the counter [and] I was told I would have to pay the same price as a cup of tea.

"The woman wasn’t apologetic at all. I was angry and upset.

"We had only taken £10 with us so I had to give him it cold and he ended up puking all over me.”

The cafe in question, which is located at the Riverside Country Park in Gillingham, is apparently "a family place" but insisted "health and safety" dictated that they could not provide mums with hot water to warm baby bottles.

They apparently charge 80p - the same price as a cup of tea - when asked to warm the bottle themselves behind the counter.

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A Medway Council spokesman has said that, in light of this incident, they have asked staff to reconsider their methods.

“We have asked them to reconsider charging customers for the warming of baby bottles.”

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