Outrage as new puppy farm set up in UK to breed puppies for animal testing

A new puppy farm has been given the go ahead to provide subjects for animal testing.


by Ellie Hooper |
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The Grimston, near Hull based facility will breed Beagles for medical experiments, meaning many of the dogs will never get to see outside a laboratory.

And this isn’t the first farm of it’s kind, with Britain having another similar facility in Harlan, Cambridgeshire, where around 3,000 beagles are bred for animal testing each year.

Beagles are chosen because they are some of the most trusting, placid dogs
Beagles are chosen because they are some of the most trusting, placid dogs

Animal Charity Peta have released this statement on the matter:

‘It is appalling that, despite objections from over 35,000 PETA supporters, the government has disregarded the opinions of both the public and local authorities and condemned thousands of dogs to be caged, harmed and killed in experiments by accepting a proposal to build a new beagle-breeding facility – which was originally rightly rejected by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

‘The Secretary of State, Greg Clark, has shown a complete lack of compassion, common sense and intelligence. Breeding dogs for experiments supports a shameful trade and is something that belongs in the past, when we didn't know that we had other options. No dog deserves to be bred on a factory farm in a barren, sterile and windowless prison with concrete floors and cold, tiled walls, separated from hearth and home, and then delivered to a laboratory, like a piece of equipment, to be poisoned with pesticides, drugged or cut up in cruel experiments.

‘Previous investigations of breeding "farms" in the UK have uncovered shocking conditions, including fighting, injuries and the killing of "surplus stock". The sooner the whole B&K Universal operation is shut down, the better.’

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