Outrage as mum gives 7-year-old daughter ‘nip-tuck’ vouchers

A former Playboy model has revealed she gave her daughter vouchers for plastic surgery

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A new TV show has told the story of the ‘Human Barbie’ who became infamous over her love of plastic surgery.

Sarah Burge, 55, is so obsessed with achieving perfection that she has undergone over 300 procedures including breast augmentations, butt implants, lip suction and fat transfers.

Londoner Sarah made headlines when she gave her then seven-year-old daughter £7,000 of plastic surgery vouchers.

Sarah's surgeon found Poppy's presence unusual

Now ten, Sarah’s daughter Poppy will only be able to undergo cosmetic surgery when she turns 18.

Sarah appears with Poppy in new E! reality show ‘Botched’, which follows women on a mission to change their bodies by endlessly going under the knife.

In the show, mum Sarah brings Poppy along to her consultations where she admits to giving her elder daughter Botox treatments at 15-years-old.

A surgeon from the show says: “Having a ten year old in with the parent to talk about procedures is at best unorthodox and at worst and at worst, very weird.”

Sarah’s story is far from a fairy tale. In the show she explains how an abusive relationship left her ‘robbed’ of her looks, forcing her to turn to the plastic surgeon’s knife.

Though it is not clear whether or not Sarah’s young daughter plans to follow through and use the vouchers from her mother, it is clear that plastic surgery is a massive part of the family’s household.

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