Outrage over footage of policeman pushing over man in wheelchair

A video showing a policeman push a man in a wheelchair onto the floor has caused outrage after it was uploaded online.


by Fiona Day |
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The incident occurred after police were called to a school in the states when it was reported that a man was carrying a handgun in his backpack.

The suspect turned out to be a paraplegic confined to an electric wheelchair.

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The man, named Nicholas Kincade, was found to be carrying a pocketknife rather than a gun, but was issued with a warning for trespassing onto the school before being allowed to leave.

According to reports, Nicholas ‘accidentally’ ran over an officer’s foot. The officer ‘instinctively’ pushed Nicholas to the ground. The paraplegic was then arrested for assaulting a police officer.

The cop was suspended as the incident was investigated, but returned to work 30 days later.

Watch the shocking footage below:

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