Outrage as blogger posts ‘5 Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder’

Social media users have been left sickened by a blog post glamourising eating disorders.


by Jack White |
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The post, titled 5 Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder lists what they say are positives to being in a relationship with someone suffering from one.

Breaking it down into five posts, the writer first claimed that females with a disorder such as anorexia are 'obsessed with their bodies, which will improve her overall look'.

They went on to say that she will 'cost less money' and, disturbingly, will be 'fragile and vulnerable'.


It was posted on a website called Return of Kings, which claims to be for ‘masculine men’.

"This level of vulnerability often bring out the best in men, whose protector instinct can't help but get activated", they wrote.

It continued, suggesting that girls with eating disorders have 'money of their own' and that they will be 'better in bed'.

They wrote: "A girl with an eating disorder has just the right cocktail of pent-up insecurity, neuroses, and daddy issues to ensure that your whole building knows every time you're beating it up.

“Say what you will, a girl with a mild to moderate eating disorder –that hasn’t excessively marred her appearance – is today’s best-buy in the West’s rapidly plummeting dating market.”

Unsurprisingly readers were not impressed with the writer's careless comments.

One Facebook user blasted: "Is this a joke? Like really? Feel sick with anger, hating posting sh_t like this but what an extremely vile c_**. So so so cross"

Are you shocked by this post?

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