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Ophelia Vanity has spent thousands of dollars on surgery and make-up to make herself look like a real-life Barbie doll or anime character

Model Ophelia Vanity has a rather distinctive look.

Her peroxide hair, enormous eyes and tiny little nose can only bring to mind one thing - a Barbie doll.

Luckily for the 30-year-old, that's what she's been trying to achieve for the past few years, and cites Barbie as her main inspiration along with characters from the Japanese film-style of anime.

But her doll-like face hasn't come naturally. Ophelia, from Los Angeles in California, has spent a whopping $20,000 (around £15,600) on having different surgeries and on make-up to fulfill her dream.

In her late teens, she was told she looked a bit like a doll, and so began the journey to where she is now.

To date, she's had liposuction on her arms and stomach to make her appear more "slender and doll-like", along with Botox and collagen injections into her face to make her look "emotionless" AND lip augmentation.

Ophelia, who has over 36,000 Instagram followers, also spends roughly $4,000 every month on make-up with the intention of making her eyes bigger as well as other cosmetic procedures and specialist Lolita clothing, which is a Japanese spin on Victorian fashion.

She says that looking like an anime character as well as a Barbie doll has improved her self-esteem and helped her "love herself".

She explained: "It helps my issue with self-esteem, some people find contentment within themselves, but for me when I'm told I look like a doll, an anime character or Barbie makes me feel better.

"So far, I've spent over $20,000 in total, on liposuction, Botox, lip injections, dermal filler rhinoplasty, laser collagen injections and more.

"Looking the way I do makes me feel much prettier and it's always a thrill when people are taken back by how I look. When I'm out in public, going to a friend's house, a party or a club where I could be recognised I always make sure I'm dressed up and people love it."

She cites a "difficult upbringing" as the root problem of her self-esteem problems, saying she was heavily pressured into over-achieving at school and struggled to fit in.

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Ophelia, who began trying to look like a doll at the age of 17, revealed that she started off by trying to look like an anime character, but now wants to look more like a Barbie doll: "I was always compared to a doll and an anime character since I was a teenager but after bleaching my hair I've been told I look like Barbie now.

"My eyes are what makes people think I look most like a doll, they are naturally very large and then that's amplified by my make-up."

Her $4,000-a-month spending habit is spent on Botox, lip fillers, make-up and clothes to give herself a more "porcelain doll" look.

She added: "Over the years I've tried to freeze my face to make it look more doll-like and without expression. I also use a lot of make-up and contouring effects to make my nose smaller and give it a higher bridge."

Ophelia has spent over $20,000 on looking like a human Barbie (Credit: Caters News Agency) ©Caters News Agency

Ophelia imports her clothes from Japan: "Dressing like a doll combines both my love of fashion as well as my personal preference for something out of the ordinary and not in line with mainstream society.

"The Lolita fashion is a Japanese spin on Victorian era dress, most of my dresses are handmade and imported – they cost a few hundred dollars for each one."

She also revealed further surgery plans which will cost roughly around $50,000 (£39,000), saying she would like to have breast implants, bum implants, a nose job and permanent iris colouring.

Worryingly, Ophelia is even hoping to have between four and six of her ribs removed in her efforts to look more doll-like: "I'd like to have some of my ribs removed so that I can have a smaller waist. I currently wear a corset but it's such an ordeal having to put it on every day."

She added about the other procedures: "I lack a nose bridge and have a very small, flat nose which I'm quite insecure about I hope one day to have a permanent rhinoplasty.

"All of the work I'm doing will continue to help my self-esteem and aid my goal of looking more like a doll."

But it's not all fun and games for Ophelia, as she occasionally receives online backlash: "I do have some haters and negative feedback about the way I look but this is what makes me happy and is helping me to love myself."

Ophelia explains her Barbie/anime look (Credit: Caters News Agency)

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