Obsessive twins tell Closer: ‘We want to marry the same man’

Becky and Amy Glass go to great lengths to look the same and can’t bear to spend a moment apart.


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Identical twins Becky and Amy Glass have only ever spent 30 minutes apart and have shared a bedroom for the past 46 years.

They have matching outfits, wear the same makeup and incredibly ensure they both stay the same weight by eating identical portions of food.

When it comes to relationships the pair prefer to date the same man – and have even had sex as a threesome.

The twins, who share one mobile and handbag, are so obsessed with being together they have vowed never to marry unless they find a man who will take on the both of them at the same time.

Becky explains: “We share every single aspect of our lives, so that would have to include a husband. We haven’t found anyone yet – but if we can’t, then the two of us will just grow old together. We have decided we won’t have children as that really would change things between us.”

Amy adds: “We absolutely hate being apart and need to be together 24/7 otherwise we feel like part of us is missing.”

Becky and Amy have been inseparable from an early age
Becky and Amy have been inseparable from an early age

Both girls are 5ft 7 inches and weigh 81/2 stone. But their physical likeness does not always come naturally and the girls admit they follow a strict regime to ensure they eat exactly the same calories.

“We always eat the same dish and match each other bite for bite of food”, says Amy.

“When we eat out, we measure out the portions exactly so one of us doesn't get more than the other.

“And that extends to drinking too. If the waiter pours one of us even a touch more wine, we look at our glasses and even it out. We also do exactly he same workouts every week with a personal trainer.

“Every day, we strip off and stand side by side and examine every single part of our bodies to make sure they are matching.”

You can read more about Becky and Amy’s story in this week’s* Closer*, out now.

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