Nine-year-old writes hilariously accurate diary entry about sex

This hysterical diary entry written by a nine-year-old proves just how much youngsters surprisingly know about sex!


by Fiona Day |
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For those who keep a diary or a journal, those sacred pages become a place to vent our innermost thoughts and worries.

For many kids, the idea of sex both bewildered and fascinated them, but most of us had no idea what it involved until we were much older.

One Reddit user stumbled across and old journal from their childhood, and amongst their tales of playing in the park with friends and angst over getting grounded by their parents, their 9-year-old self also wrote about some of the ‘facts of life’ that they had managed to pick up whilst discussing the bird and the bees.

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The child wrote this diary entry back in the day
The child wrote this diary entry back in the day

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In the hysterical entry, they wrote:

“Dear diary,

I know about sex. That is where people get together and get naked and kiss some people like it and do it over and over again but a lot of people can get sick or get aids from it.”

He then signed it off with a superbly comical: “See ya later!”

Do you have any funny diary entries from your childhood?

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