Nightmare family finally evicted after ‘six year campaign of terror’

A father and his two sons have been evicted from their home following a six-year ‘campaign of terror’ on their neighbourhood.


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Eugene Bird, 54, and his sons, Sean, 21, and Michael, 19 have been dubbed ‘Britain’s worst neighbours’, after subjecting people close to their Birmingham home, in Ithon Grove in Kings Norton, to years of intimidation and threatening behaviour.

Their list of crimes include vandalism, stealing lead from their neighbours’ roofs and wielding weapons, including swords and knives.

Michael, 18, pictured here, and above, posing with knives
Michael, 18, pictured here, and above, posing with knives

The three men, who have now received two-year-long anti social behaviour injunctions, have been moved but people still living near their old home revealed they were afraid to speak out for fear of reprisals.

It has taken officers from the council’s housing team years to evict the family, who are barred from returning to the street for two years.

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