Newborn baby eaten by stray dogs after mother ‘hides it behind tree’

A town has been struck by tragedy after a newborn baby was eaten alive by a pack of wild dogs


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Young mother Elda Garcia, who allegedly was desperate to keep her pregnancy a secret from her father, gave birth to the baby behind a tree.

"She took me to where the dogs were feeding on the newborn baby and I almost vomited"

The 23-year-old then left the newborn alone for almost half an hour while she returned to the house to get a blanket.

But, when she returned, she was horrified to discover that her baby was being attacked by 'vicious' local dogs - and that both of the infant's arms (and one of its legs) had been eaten.

She then rushed to find one of her neighbours and beg them for help - but it was, sadly, too late for the child.

Carlos Moncada, 37, told local press: "When she knocked on the door she was in a terrible state, crying hysterically and with blood on her legs," he said.

"At first I thought she had been attacked, but when she began to tell me what had happened I was completely shocked.

"She took me to where the dogs were feeding on the newborn baby and I almost vomited."

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He added: "I felt sorry for her because I know her father and he is a hard man who would never accept her being pregnant or having a baby outside of marriage, but I had to do what was right and call the police."

When police officers arrived, they found that the newborn's remains were being guarded by the three dogs - and were forced to shoot the animals with tranquilliser guns to get to them.

The mother was arrested and charged with infanticide and child abandonment.

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