Newborn baby buried alive by family rescued after 8 days

A newborn baby that was buried alive by his family was rescued by a passer-by eight days later


by Closer Staff |
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It’s a story that’s being described by some as a miracle. A newborn baby – who was buried alive by his family – was found eight days later and is now recovering in hospital.

The tiny boy was put into a cardboard box and buried in a cemetary in China. Stuffed into the box, alongside the baby, were various blankets and other items of clothing.

It’s claimed he was abandoned by his parents because he was born with a cleft lip.

A woman, Lu Fenglian, walking in the woods heard noises and ran to find help. She returned with a priest who identified the cries as those of a baby and they sought help.

He was rushed to hospital in a critical condition and doctors found him to be coughing up soil which he had swallowed while underground.

Insiders who have spoken out about his story believe the baby survived because water seeped through the box and gave him sufficient hydration.

Several people, including the baby’s grandmother and three relatives, have been arrested.

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