Devastating moment new father says hello and goodbye to his newborn son who passed away half an hour later


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Simone and Marty Tonkin's newborn son Nixon died only half an hour later after complications during his birth which caused him to have a brain haemorrhage

The main train of thought that can get any woman through even the worst labour imaginable is the thought of taking home her little bundle of joy after it's all over.

You go into hospital pregnant, you come out with a baby.

But that's not always the case, as Simone and Marty Tonkin devastatingly found out.

New dad Marty with Nixon in his final moments (Credit: Facebook/ Marty Tonkin) ©Facebook/ Marty Tonkin

These photos show new dad Marty with his first-born son Nixon in what should be a moment of pure joy.

But after a complicated birth by caesarean, little Nixon was unable to breathe unaided and unfortunately died of a brain haemmorrhage just half an hour later.

An inquest into the baby's death has now been opened to find out whether he could have been saved and whether his tragic death could have been prevented.

This is the moment Marty had to say both hello and goodbye to his newborn son (Credit: Facebook/ Marty Tonkin) ©Facebook/ Marty Tonkin

After Nixon became trapped during the birth, it was found that he had suffered fractures on his skull, which are most likely to have been caused when a midwife tried to free him and may have pushed against his head with their fingers.

These injuries left him with brain injuries and swelling which resulted in the haemmorhage that caused his death.

The traumatic birth has left mum Simone with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and bouts of depression and anxiety.

Thankfully, the couple from Queensland, Australia, have gone on to have a second baby, Knox, but the gap in their hearts will never be filled.

One of their friends, Simone Valentine, has set up a crowdfunding page to allow the couple to enjoy a holiday after the inquest is over.

She wrote: "Though sweet Nixon did take a breath, he heartbreakingly made a very hasty transition to become an Angel Baby. He should be here today - almost about to turn three, instead a fortnight ago Simone & Marty sat through every parents worst nightmare - the Coronial Inquest into Nixon's death.

"This campaign is a way of helping them have the time with their second gorgeous little boy without so much stress and worry.

"Three years of PTSD, anxiety and depression has made it almost impossible for Simone to function - but she is functioning - just - working part time, raising a toddler and fighting the barrage of anxiety, flashbacks and nightmares; supported nobly by her also grieving, wonderful husband Marty."

The campaign's total currently stands at $935 (arond £550), but Simone is hoping to raise around £14,000 in total for the couple to put towards legal fees or "some time to breathe and relax and just be".

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