New ‘anti-terror’ laws mean peroxide blondes have to use ID to buy hair bleach

According to new European anti-terror laws, peroxide blondes must now apply for photographic ID in order to purchase strong hair bleach.


by Fiona Day |
Published on

Anyone wishing to purchase materials such as hair bleach or chemicals used to fuel cars must now pay £40 for a ‘license’ to buy the products or face prosecution and potentially a jail sentence.

Shopkeepers also have to enforce the rules, and failure to adhere to the new laws may also mean a prison sentence.

Those applying for a license to buy hair will have their records checked for past convictions and also have their mental health checked.

Josie Appleton, member of the pressure group Manifesto Club, told the Mail Online that the law was unfair to the majority of people who live and work peacefully.

She said: ‘This is treating everybody like terrorists. Surely terrorists would be innovative enough to buy their explosives elsewhere? Innocent hobbyists will suffer.’

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