Neighbour from hell harassed elderly couple for over a decade and told them ‘I won’t stop until you’re dead’

A neighbour from hell bullied an elderly couple who lived next door for over a decade…


by Ellie Henman |
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A woman who threatened an elderly couple who lived next door to her left the couple too frightened to leave their property.

Kirsty Robertson, 46, bullied pensioners Mavis and Alan Ward and is claimed to have told them “I won’t stop until you’re dead”.

It has taken Alan and Mavis eight attempts to prove their case and yesterday, a warrant was issued for Robertson’s arrest.

Today Blackpool Magistrates' court heard how the feud started because Robertson took issue with the sandstone colour of the couple’s bungalow in Lancashire. She later went over while the couple were out and painted it white.

According to reports, Alan and Mavis were so terrified they made their home a “virtual fortress” and began to carry panic alarms.

“In April this year I was mowing the lawn and she saw me, stopped and ran her hand across her throat with a cutting action and said she would not stop until I was dead,” Mavis, 66, said.

“She has been hell-bent on destroying us with her harassment and intimidation - using words I cannot repeat. It's been going on for years and I carry a panic alarm with me all the time.”

Her husband, Alan, 67, added: “One of the worst incidents was when she started to take pictures of our granddaughter.

“When she was asked to stop she used the foulest of language - terrible and disgusting words in front of a child. She told our granddaughter "you will find out one day what your Nana is really like".'

“It has been awful for my wife. I don't know what really started it. I suppose it was the painting of the rendering. She didn't like the colour. We have worked all our lives. All we want is a bit of peace.”

Speaking from her home, Robertson said: “Before I was such a sweet person. From all the years of harassment we have had from this woman, I have become aggressive.

“She's made so many lives a misery by being a serial complainer. We just wanted to bring our child up and have a happy life.

“Mavis Ward makes a meal out of everything. She actually said to me that they got rid of the last lot of the neighbours and they'd get rid of us.”

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