Need a dose of animal cuteness? Watch this polar bear cub take its first steps

Toronto Zoo has released this amazingly cute video one of their new arrivals taking their first steps


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The fluffy polar bear cub was a bit unsteady and took a couple of tumbles before finding his feet more.

The cub has not been named yet and was the only survivor out of a litter of 3 baby polar bears.He has an older brother named Hudson who lives at another zoo in Canada.

The little cub took a tumble after his first steps.
The little cub took a tumble after his first steps.

He was kept in an incubator after his mother, Aurora, delivered the litter due to zookeepers’ concerns over his health, but as you can see the cute bundle of fluff is now doing well.

Zookeepers say he now weighs 4.4kg and is teething. The baby polar bear is also playing and biting blankets and toys.

So adorable!

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