Nanny tries to exchange employer’s child for a bus ticket

A teenage nanny has been arrested for child trafficking after she abducted a child and tried to sell them for a bus ticket.


by Fiona Day |

18-year-old Angeline Angono from the Philippines reportedly took a baby she was caring for from their home and sold them to a childless woman in exchange for a bus ticket.

The kidnapper was apprehended by police on her from from Libertad to Visayas.

The child was later found in hospital after a woman named Bale Madrigal handed her in.

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The baby girl was reunited with her mother, Jenneth Bore, after doctors confirmed that she was unharmed.

The baby was taken from her home and sole to a childless woman (stock image)
The baby was taken from her home and sole to a childless woman (stock image)

The PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group - National Capital Region (CIDG-NCR) has now filed a complaint of child trafficking against the 18-year-old babysitter.

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According to ABC-CBN news, the baby’s mother said she hoped her former babysitter would ‘rot in jail’ for attempting to sell her child.

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Angeline Angono refused to comment on the incident, though it is unclear whether or not she will face trial for trying to sell her employers child to a stranger in exchange for a bus ticket.

Child trafficking is considered a huge problem in the Philippines, and many poverty stricken families are forced to sell their children to make ends meet.

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