Nando’s ketchup conspiracy: The TRUTH about those shock ketchup claims

Nando’s has come under fire after customers spot them using UNBRANDED tomato sauce to refill ketchup bottles

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Everybody who’s worth their (peri peri) salt loves a cheeky Nando’s.

Whether you prefer a pitta, a burger, or a plate of pure chicken (who needs those cumbersome breads, eh?), there’s no denying that Nando’s has become engrained in British culture.

But it seems as if Nando’s have become a little TOO cheeky for people to handle.

Yup, the restaurant landed itself in extra hot water recently when a customer snapped a video of a Nando's employee refilling a glass bottle of Heinz ketchup.

Which is totally fine, we guess… except for the fact she’s using an UNBRANDED TOMATO SAUCE to do it.

The audacity, eh?

The eagle-eyed customer captioned it simply: “So Nando’s out here deceiving people… it was never really Heinz.”

Just moments later, social media was positively flooded with responses from “livid” fans of the restaurant franchise - with many accusing Nando’s of being liars, frauds, cheats, and (our favourite) “NOT SO CHEEKY ANYMORE”.

Check out just a few of the responses here:


Tempers were running hotter than an extra hot plate of Nando’s chicken wings - and betrayed customers admitted that they may be feeling too betrayed, too damaged, and too hurt to ever return.

Thank goodness, then, that Nando’s have spoken out to set our minds at ease.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, they said: “Our ketchup is 100% Heinz.

“We only ever use Heinz in our restaurants.”

So why the unbranded squeeze bottle?

Well, it was as some Twitter users had already suspected; the waitress was simply using a squeezy bottle so that she could decant ketchup into the reusable glass bottles WITHOUT squirting it everywhere.

Mystery solved - although the scandal has prompted us to ask another question: who on EARTH is having ketchup with their Nando’s when there’s perinaise on offer?

Did you spot this video? Are you glad there’s an explanation for it?

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