Naked gym instructor: ‘Working out naked is a confidence booster!’

Some people work out to look buff - but at personal trainer Colin Dobson's gym they're working out in the buff!

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by Closer Staff |
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If, like most of us, you’re feeling a few pounds heavier after the festive season, you may be considering investing in a gym membership or even hiring a personal trainer.

And gymgoers who sign up to classes with Colin Dobson will find they'll instantly drop a little weight before their sessions even begin - as they can strip off their clothes before exercising.

But as Colin, 43, explains, they might be naked but the only pumping is reserved for weights.

“It’s not sexual,” says Colin, who lives in Barnsley.

“But training naked is extremely effective. When you’re not wearing a t-shirt and trackie bottoms you can see your muscles working and it’s easier to spot if you’re not doing the exercises correctly.

“I also find it boosts people's confidence. Looking at yourself naked in a mirror certainly focuses your goals.

"It also helps you to move around more easily as well."

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