Mum writes open letter to radio DJ after he slams public breastfeeding

A mother has written an open letter to Alex Dyke after he made cruel comments about breastfeeding

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BBC radio DJ Alex Dyke was suspended by the broadcaster after he described breastfeeding as ‘unnatural’ during a phone-in earlier this week.

Proud breastfeeding mum Ella Miskin-Garside wrote the letter on her blog for The Home of Independent Midwifery, and eloquently called out the DJ for his nasty comments.

She wrote: “When I first had my son and started breastfeeding, my partner said to me “It must be liberating, being able to get your boobs out for a legitimate reason.” And you know what? It should be.

“I should feel at liberty to feed my child where and when he needs it. But it isn’t, and I don’t. And nor do many women. There is a stigma and it’s ridiculous. We have to continually fight and justify ourselves for wanting to do what is best for our babies.

“Quite frankly my boobs are fabulous DDs, and at any other time I’m sure most men (even you Mr Dyke) would love to get an eyeful. But only as long as there isn’t a baby attached. Right. Makes total sense.

“In all honesty, I don’t really care about your narrow minded opinion. The only man’s opinion that matters to me is that of the little boy asleep in my lap as I write. And he thinks all access boob is great, especially without the cloth on his head. So I do too.

Ella wants other mums to feel comfortable nursing in public
Ella wants other mums to feel comfortable nursing in public

“From now on I plan to breastfeed without shame, in the hope that other women, who don’t have my confidence or conviction, can take inspiration from it. It was on their behalf that I felt I needed to say something.

She finished: “We need to leave the stigma in the dark ages where it belongs. Because a country filled with strong women proudly feeding their babies wherever they damn well please, that is the best look in the world.”

More than 6,000 people have now signed a petition for Alex Dyke to be taken off air permanently for his comments on nursing mothers.

During his bizarre rant, he said: "We don't want it in public.

"It was OK in the Stone Age when we knew no better and people didn't even have their own teeth.

"A public area is not the place for it - it's not a great look."

Read the full letter here.

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