Mum of conjoined twins: ‘I won’t separate my girls – they’re thriving’

Strangers have called Chelsea Torres selfish – but she loves her daughters exactly how they are

conjoined twins

by Mel Fallowfield & Kate Graham |
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When Chelsea Torres found out she was expecting conjoined twins, she was devastated and terrified they would die as soon as they were born.

But against the odds, Carter and Callie were born healthy and allowed out of hospital just five days later. The girls are joined from the belly button down, they have four arms, but share a small intestine, reproductive organs, one kidney and one leg each.

Chelsea, 29, says, “They’re now five and thriving. They’re learning how to walk and love swimming. Carter is the one in charge, bossing around her sister, and Callie is laid back, though if she gets frustrated, she will let us know.”

Despite the fact the girls are happy, Chelsea is constantly asked why she hasn’t separated them and has even been branded selfish for keeping them together.

conjoined twins closer magazine
The twins with their two siblings ©NAKONA FREDERICK PHOTOGRAPHY

But Chelsea, who lives in Blackfoot Idaho, USA, with her husband Nick, 28, a merchandiser, and their other two children, Jaysin, eight, and Mykah, two, says “The fear of them dying is too much, or one of them surviving and being without the other one. We have decided to leave it up to them to make that decision and of course we would support them whatever they decide.

“At the moment they’re doing brilliantly, they are such happy girls, they are best friends. Why would I risk losing that?”

Chelsea, who works as a pharmacy technician, found out she was expecting conjoined twins when she went for a scan at eight weeks.

She says, “The doctor said to me, ‘They’re stuck together’. It was a huge shock, I remember feeling as if the whole world had slowed down.”

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conjoined twins closer magazine

Chelsea was told that she would probably miscarry her babies and that if she didn’t, then she could have a medical termination.

She says, “I had weekly appointments and felt that the doctors really wanted me to have the termination, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it and I wanted to give them a chance. Nick and my family supported my decision completely. Our oldest son was only three and too young to really understand what was going on. I just said I had two babies in my tummy.”

At 20 weeks she had an MRI scan which showed exactly how the twins were joined.

Chelsea says, “Doctors hadn’t been able to tell from ultrasounds, but when we found out, we were happy that they didn’t share any vital organs as that meant they were more likely to survive.”


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conjoined twins closer magazine
Chelsea and Nick say they have a happy family ©NAKONA FREDERICK PHOTOGRAPHY

When she was 36 weeks and six days pregnant, Chelsea had a C-section to deliver her twins.

She remembers, “I didn’t want to have them, I was convinced they’d die if they weren’t inside me, so I wanted them to stay where they were safe. It was so hard, as they performed the C-section I was preparing myself to say goodbye to my girls. “But then they were born, weighing 9lbs. Carter struggled to breathe so they tucked her next to me to encourage her and she was fine. As soon as I saw them, I fell in love. They were just perfect.”

The twins were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for monitoring and tests. But after five days the couple were told they could leave and bring up their girls as normal.

conjoined twins closer magazine
Chelsea makes specially adapted clothes for them ©NAKONA FREDERICK PHOTOGRAPHY

Chelsea says, “We’d imagined separating them early on and gave birth in a hospital that could have performed the surgery. But they advised us against it and said to wait. Nick and I were very vulnerable at the time, we didn’t know what we were doing. When they said to take them home and treat them as normal kids, we grabbed on to it and it’s what we’ve done ever since. I remember the doctor saying, ‘What’s the point in breaking two things that are perfectly healthy apart and making them two ‘broken’ pieces’. They said if we separated them they would be healthy but need colostomy bags and round-the-clock care.

“It’s amazing what you get used to and how you adjust. We needed a specially-made car seat. And I bought a sewing machine so I could make their clothes!”

The twins have regular check-ups, but apart from both of them being partially deaf in one ear, they’ve passed with flying colours. They can walk with the aid of a walker but haven’t yet learned how to get about independently.

closer magazine

Chelsea says, “Carter tries to take a step sometimes, but Callie hasn’t got used to the weight distribution needed to walk independently yet, but they will get there.”

At the moment the girls attend a special needs school, where they have extra physiotherapy and speech and occupational therapy twice a week, as well as the weekly appointments they have from home. But in August, they will start attending a mainstream nursery.

Chelsea says she parents them the same way as her other two children, though she acknowledges that there are specific issues. She says, “It can be funny when, for example, Callie wants to go to get something to play with and Carter wants to stay sitting down and drink some apple juice. But I explain to them that they have to make it work and to get the toy and then drink the apple juice, and they rarely end up in a fight.”

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Chelsea and Nick share the childcare. When Nick gets back from work at 4pm, Chelsea goes to the pharmacy where she works and he takes over the bedtime routine for all four of their children.

Chelsea says, “Their brothers adore them, Jaysin really looks out for them.”

As for the future, Chelsea doesn’t know what it holds. She says, “We don’t know the prognosis for our girls, I don’t want to know. There are boy twins joined in a similar way to Callie and Carter who lived into their sixties, so I don’t see why they won’t too.

“The best time to separate conjoined twins is before they turn four – they heal better then and are unlikely to have memories of being together. But I was too frightened to do it as I couldn’t bear to lose one or both of my gorgeous girls. I will never separate my conjoined twins – I don’t feel like it’s my decision to make – it’s theirs to decide when they’re older.

“For now we’re a very happy family and we just have to keep faith that it will continue that way in the future.”

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