Mum-of-two inspired to shed 8 stone after being denied contraceptive pill

Elli Pond shows off her amazing transformation, dropping from 18 stone to 9 stone 10lbs in the space of one year


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Pregnancy can sometimes be the gateway to excessive eating – something Elli Pond knows first hand.

The 25 year old mother-of-two has divulged her experience with this unhealthy lifestyle and claims that she used her pregnancies – one in 2013 and the other in 2015 – as an excuse to eat "whatever she wanted."


Elli Pond – who is 5ft and 4ins – quickly gained weight due to her over indulgence in addictive snacks in the shape of pop tarts and peanut butter on toast. Elli went from 12 stone before her pregnancy to a staggering 18 stone post-pregnancy, which caused a string of health problems such as debilitating gallstones.

The photographer, from Stamford, Lincolnshire, had to have her gallbladder removed due to her weight, which was caused by the increase of cholesterol in bile that allows stones to form. She endured a half an hour operation to remove the gallstones which took place at Peterborough City Hospital, Cambridgeshire, in April this year.


"I suffered gallstones following the birth of each of my two sons, which doctors said was due to my weight," Elli, mum to Oscar, three, and Henry, one, explained. "It was agony; I've never known pain like it." She added: "It was even worse than labour." However, she continues to explain that it wasn't until her doctor explained that she was too big for the combined pill in November 2015 for her to consider the affects her diet was having on her.

"I visited my local GP with the view of getting the pill for contraception and felt embarrassed when he explained it was not advisable for me to go on it," she said. "He said he couldn't give it to me with my BMI, which was 45 at the time instead of between 18 and 25, which is considered the healthy limit.


She reveals the emotional effect that this news had on her: "I felt humiliated and belittled, but now I thank that doctor as it was the wake-up call I needed. It finally kicked me into action and I decided to lose weight."

According to the NHS, the oestrogen in the pill can cause blood to clot more readily which could have resulted in some even more serious repercussions – like a stroke or heart attack. Although the possibility of this happening is rather slim, Elli's weight made her more vulnerable to this. However, Elli proves that once her mind is set on something – it can be achieved.


In a little over 12 months, the mother of two dropped half of her weight and 5 whole dress sizes! She's now a super slim size eight and adores shopping for clothes with her new body shape. Elli discloses that she plans to go on the pill in December 2017 – once she has the contraceptive implant removed.

Elli is feeling the physical and emotional changes and claims that while her carpenter husband, Aaron Pond, 26, supported her whatever her weight, he now "constantly pays her compliments." And who doesn't love that!


"He says I look really good, healthy and attractive," she said.

Elli recalls her unhealthy diet throughout her pregnancies and claims she had the complete wrong attitude. "I'd eat a hell of a lot." She admits. "Every time I got off the sofa I'd have something to eat. It makes me feel guilty now thinking about it."

Elli before her transformation

She believed that food made her happy but realises now that it didn't. Her overeating caused low moods, self-consciousness and a dislike towards shopping for clothes – but now says you can't get her out of the shops.

She is looking forward to this Christmas with her new energy and fit body. "I'll never go back to my old ways. This is me now."


The pop-tarts are nowhere to be found in Elli's home – she is instead choosing to replace the sugary treats for fat free yoghurts and fruit. Her diet has changed considerably, and lunch involves eggs whilst dinner is now a healthy pasta meal.

She glows at her accomplishments: "I feel so proud of myself and I get compliments all the time. It has changed my life. I know my health needs to be my priority, for me and my boys."

Elli hopes for more children in the future and promises: "I'd definitely stay healthy throughout the pregnancy next time."

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