Mum reveals: “My 10-year-old daughter watched her brother being born’

Carrie McIntosh

by Francine Anker |
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When Jamie Oliver’s wife Jools gave birth to their fifth child, a boy, last week, the couple sparked controversy by revealing heir eldest daughters Poppy Honey, 14, and Daisy Boo, 12, were at the delivery and helped cut the cord.

We spoke to midwife Carrie McIntosh, whose 10-year-old daughter Katie, now 19, was present during the birth of her third child, Arran, now nine.

She explains: “I see giving birth as a completely natural event that is nothing to be frightened of.

"I applaud Jools Oliver’s decision to have her daughters at the birth, it’s important to open this topic up for debate and realise it can be a positive experience for mothers and their children.

“When I fell pregnant with my third child, I asked my daughter Katie and other son Finlay, now 17, if they wanted to be at the birth.

"I’d had easy births with both of them so I wasn’t concerned that anything would go wrong.

"Finlay wasn’t keen, as he’s quite squeamish but Katie was excited and wanted to be involved.

"Beforehand we watched birthing videos so she knew what to expect and we talked to some of my midwife friends who explained there was nothing to be frightened of.

"I told her that if she changed her mind at any time she could leave – there was no pressure on her at all. But she enjoyed the experience and now they have an amazing bond."

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