Mum punishes son by dressing him as a girl and posting photos on Facebook

The woman was arrested after dressing her 10-year-old son in girl’s clothing, allegedly as a “punishment” for bad behaviour


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Christie Prado and her live-in landlord, Keith Driscoll, reportedly forced the 10-year-old boy to wear a low-cut blue princess gown as a punishment for wetting the bed.

"This boy was clearly distraught and fearful about what was happening to him"

The two then reportedly marched the crying 10-year-old outside in a low-cut blue princess gown so his friends could see and laugh at him.

Relatives of the little boy soon saw the humiliating photographs on Facebook, and noticed that he was visibly upset and crying while dressed in drag.

Prado, who was later arrested on charges of child cruelty, claimed her landlord came up with the idea as a way to punish the child for bad behaviour and she went along with it for fear of compromising her living situation.

Kristi Gray, a representative from the Department of Children and Families, said: “It was clear to me and anyone else who saw these pictures that this boy was clearly distraught and fearful about what was happening to him.

"It becomes mental injury when the child is traumatized during the event and after the event.”


The little boy - along with his two siblings - has now been been placed in protective custody with grandmother Sherry Morden.

Ms Morden told WKMG-TV: “They threw ice on my grandson, they made him take a cold shower, they put a dress on him, they put make-up on him, they made him run around outside where all his friends could see him.

“[In the photo] he’s in a blue dress, make-up on, crying – tears are just pouring out of his eyes – and I guess she seemed to think it was okay.

“I’m mad. What right do you have, doing this to your kids?"

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