Mum pretends she has cancer to cover up affair

A mother-of-four has lied about having cancer to cover up her affair.


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Mother-of-four, Claire Smith,told family and friends in 2011 that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Claire, 37, told her entire family, including her younger children, that her diagnosis was terminal.

Her teenage daughter, Cheryl Smith, reportedly never got on with her mum but that all changed after finding out the ‘devastating news’.


When Cheryl, 16, found out about her mother she felt ‘a surge of love and struggled to hold back her sobs’.

“When she told us she had blood cancer the way I felt about her changed instantly,” confessed Cheryl.

“I’d seen other family members die of it and I realised I might not have her around for that much longer.”

But doubts began to creep into Cheryl’s mind, when she noticed that all of her mother's appointments were at night.

Claire faked her illness to her friends and entire family. (This image is stock only)
Claire faked her illness to her friends and entire family. (This image is stock only)

On top of that, she noticed Claire regularly shaved her hair, despite chemotherapy usually causing hair loss in patients.

Eventually she discovered her mum did not have cancer and made up the whole thing up to disguise an affair.

But when Cheryl tried to tell her dad the truth he refused to believe it and instead got angry with her.

“The first thing that made me suspect it was all fake was the collapsing.


“She’d collapse within 10 minutes of us coming home from school, like clockwork,” added the teenager.

When Cheryl’s dad Chris, 45, a long-distance lorry driver, dutifully dropped Cheryl off at Lincoln Hospital for her appointments, she would never let anyone go in with her.

It was when Claire was describing her chemotherapy that Cheryl discovered her mum was talking about a fake storyline on the TV.

Claire lied about attending hospital appointments. Her daughter Cheryl thought it was strange she had them at midnight. (This image is stock only)

She said: “Her description mirrored a soap opera storyline from just a few weeks before. It was exactly the same, down to the tiny details.”

Claire told her family she was in remission in early 2012, by which time and at this point Cheryl was already convinced the illness of fictional was fake.

A few months later Claire claimed it had returned and was now terminal, but and Cheryl didn’t believe a word.

In reports Claire reportedly convinced her friends she was dying, convincing them to have and they all had matching tattoos as a tribute.


Then in June 2012, Cheryl borrowed Claire’s laptop and a Facebook message popped up from an unknown man.

According to Cheryl, it was really sexual and been happening for months.the messages revealed the ongoing sexual affair she had suspected.

Following the discovery, Claire has lost custody of her children, but and Cheryl is grateful that she now has a closer bond with her father.

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