Mum pole dances while breastfeeding toddler in striking viral photo

She’s already gone viral twice with mind blowing parenting- pole dancing videos, and now she’s done it again…

poledancing breastfeeding ashley wright

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Mother Ashley Wright is not one to be held back by anything, whether that be being heavily pregnant or having a toddler attached to her side – quite literally.

The woman who refers to herself as a “badass breastfeeding, baby-wearing, attachment parenting, pole dancing, yogi mama,” has gone viral several time already.

Firstly, a video of her pole dancing while six months pregnanttook the internet by storm in 2012, and in 2015 Ashley uploaded a video of herself pole dancing to the Lion King - while having her two year old daughter in a sling on her back.!

And now she’s gone viral AGAIN, this time with a very serene video her none other than breastfeeding while swirling around on a pole.

And the video is as striking for it's memerising effect as much as it's skillfulness.

Taking control of the elements... Ascending above it all like...... > >

Posted by [Ms. Wrights Way]( on [Sunday, 10 January 2016](

The video uploaded to Facebook earlier this month has already been viewed over 2 million times, and shared by over 30,000 people.

Speaking to Huffington Post, the mum said in very matter-of-fact way:

“If I always stopped what I wanted to do to nurse Shannon, I would never get anything done.”

Hear, hear!

She continued:

“Especially if it is taking the time to achieve fitness goals and do things that pour into me, for my rejuvenation, for my balance.

“When [Shannon] wants to dance with me, I always attempt to place her on my back as it allows me to do more moves than if she is on my front or side.

“Yet 98 percent of the time, the reason why she is on me is because she wants to nurse and would rather not wait. And the thing is, I would rather not stop what I am doing to nurse her.”

Go Ashley! We're impressed...

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