Defiant mum organises mass breastfeeding event after Facebook troll brands her ‘tramp’ for nursing in public

One mum has fought back against Facebook trolls who cruelly posted a picture of her breastfeeding her daughter and posting it online calling her a ‘tramp.’


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The photo was taken of mum Emily Slough whilst she was breastfeeding her daughter outside a restaurant in Rugeley, Staffordshire.

The photo was posted anonymously with the caption: 'I know the sun is out and all but there's no need to let your kid feast on your nipple in town! Tramp.'

In protest against the trolls, Emily has organised a ‘Mass Feed’ to stand up against those who posted the photo on a ‘Spotted in Rugeley’ Facebook page.

Emily wrote on the event page: ‘In light of the photograph that was taken of me feeding my daughter in town today, and then posted on Rugeley spotted labelling me as a tramp, I have created an event in Rugeley next Saturday.'

Trolls posted the photo on Facebook calling the mum a 'tramp'
Trolls posted the photo on Facebook calling the mum a 'tramp'

‘Join us in support of breast feeding mothers. We are not tramps, let them know you are ok with them feeding their babies whenever, wherever they wish.’

‘All are welcome!’ she continues. ‘You dont have to be breastfeeding to support the cause! Come and make a stand with us!!’

Emily adds: ‘We need you, decent people of Rugeley and surrounding areas!!’

Emily has fought back at 'tramp' slurs by organising a 'Mass Feed'

Emily’s fellow mums have posted their own breastfeeding snaps on the Facebook event page in support.

Some have captions like: ‘Tramping it up in the sun,’ clearly poking fun at the internet trolls.

Nearly 1000 people have now clicked 'attend' on the event page.

Would you attend Emily’s breastfeeding rally?

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