Mum launches ‘International Day to Normalise Breastfeeding’

A mother has launched a day to ‘normalise breastfeeding’


by Fiona Day |
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Vanessa Simons, a mum from San Diego, has started an online campaign to ‘normalise breastfeeding’.

The mum-of-three has created an ‘official’ day to support breastfeeding mothers and make the practice more widely accepted.

Vanessa sent a request to her mayor asking if her hometown can establish the holiday to celebrate breastfeeding and motherhood.

Many people still broach the subject as a taboo despite medical professionals actively encouraging women to breastfeed their children.

She told the Huffington Post: This day is about mothers committing to nourish their children with breast milk — whether nursing, pumping, [or] donor milk — and the public committing to supporting them whenever, no matter how long they choose to breastfeed. My vision is to remove the taboo of public breastfeeding from modern society.

Vanessa has also launched her own Instagram account off the back of the campaign to help raise awareness for her cause.

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