Mum gives birth to Scotland’s ‘heaviest twins’ with HUGE combined weight

One proud mum has given birth to Scotland’s heaviest twins


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When 33-year-old Alanna Merrie gave birth to her twin sons she hoped for a smooth and stress free delivery.

Not only did baby boys Troy and Kaius arrive safely, they also shocked doctors.

Both babies weighed in at over 8 lbs- large for twins- meaning that they arrived with a combined weight of 16lb 13oz.

She said: "All the scans said they were good-sized twins but there was nothing to say that they were that big.

"It was genuinely quite a surprise.

"I did have a huge bump, though."

Alanna had a much larger baby bump (stock image)
Alanna had a much larger baby bump (stock image)

Alanna had to spend a week recovering in hospital with her new babies before she could return home to Edinburgh with her husband Paul.

It was there that Troy and Kaius met their big sister, one-year-old Ayla.

Alanna added that the boys lost a bit of weight after they arrived, which os completely normal for newborns.

She said: "They lost a little of their body weight over the first couple of days, which is normal, but they are doing really well.

"They are quite chilled out and they love a cuddle."

Previously, the heaviest twins in Scotland were May and Ollie Kennedy, born in Edinburgh in 2010 at a combined weight of 15lb and 14oz.

The heaviest twins in the UK had a combined weight of 18lb 12oz and were born in Lancashire in 2007.

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