Mum-to-be dies in car crash – just 30 minutes after learning she was pregnant

The day she found out she was pregnant was the happiest day in 20-year-old Hannah Sanders' life… and, tragically, the last


by Kayleigh Dray |
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According to the Daily Mail, Hannah had just found out she was pregnant and excitedly posted the news on a pregnancy forum.

"I still won't be 100 percent convinced till I have like 30 lines lol x," her last message reportedly read.

She then got in her car with her fiancé, Lee Palmer, 26, to pick up keys to their new apartment together in Surrey.

It was to be the last journey they would ever make.

Hannah lost control of her car after skidding across a damp patch of the the road straight into the path of a Toyota.

Both Hannah and Lee - who had been high school sweethearts - died from injuries sustained in the crash on 25th April.

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They had not even had time to tell their parents about their happy baby news; Hannah's mum found out from police, who had checked her daughter's online activity.

She told The Mirror: "It's tragic that she and Lee never got to tell us their wonderful news, but they didn't have the time.

"They would have been so happy and excited. Being a mum and marrying Lee was all Hannah ever wanted.

"She would have made a wonderful mother and Lee a smashing Dad. They were so in love and had everything to live for.

"So to lose their lives when they were at their happiest is too sad for words."

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