Mum criticised for choosing this unusual name for her child

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Having a baby is a wonderful experience however deciding on the baby's name can be very stressful and for one mum, Jocelyn, she's begun second guessing her choice for her unborn son.

The mum-to-be who is due to have her first child in November wrote on the blog Name Berry, explaining the issue with her baby's name: "We have picked the name Riggins Blaine. Blaine is his father's middle name.

"Since we've announced his name, several people have commented that Riggins is an 'odd' and 'strange' name.

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"It's making me second-guess our choice.

"I know I shouldn't care what others think, but I'm curious about whether this is a bad choice for a name?"

An expert replied to Jocelyn and reassured her of the name choice. They wrote: "You've done all the hard work, and found the right name for your son.

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"But when you joyfully share it with the world, they respond with a dismissive, 'Meh.' Or worse.

"The bad news? It happens all the time.

"But that's also the good news, because it reflects how varied the possibilities are for naming children in 2016."

We agree, there are lots of different names out there. Some parents have even started naming their children after celebrities such as Kendall (Jenner), Idris (Elba) and Anakin (Skywalker).

Kourtney Kardashian named her youngest son Reign which isn't a common name.

And even though only 44 children were named Riggins in the US last year, the expert reassured Jocelyn that all names can be criticised: "Just remember that any name can lead to a negative reaction, and your best response is a smile, and a reminder that you love the name – and you know they'll love your child when he arrives."

What's the strangest name you've ever heard?

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