This mum’s simple-yet-genius hack could help your child if they get lost


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This mum's amazing bracelets could help you if you lose your child

Even the most vigilant parents can lose their children from time to time.

You know the drill - you're in a huge shop, you're trying to pick which fabric softener to buy and despite seeing your child out of the corner of your eye ONE SECOND ago, they've already run off to the other side of the shop.

The terror you feel is unmatched by anything else. But hopefully this mum's hack will go some way to soothing your fears.

Jen thought of these amazing bracelets to make with her daughter (Credit: Mama Papa Bubba) ©Mama Papa Bubba

Jen, blogger behind Mama Papa Bubba, has shared an innovative way to help your child if they ever get lost.

In preparation for a big family holiday, Jen sat down with her daughter and made some cute little bracelets.

Her daughter had fun making them too (Credit: Mama Papa Bubba) ©Mama Papa Bubba

But the clever part of this is that the bracelets were made of beads that had numbers on - which read as her and her husband's mobile numbers.

Genius, right?!

It was a nice activity to make them together (Credit: Mama Papa Bubba) ©Mama Papa Bubba

In a blog post on her website, she explained: "One thing I really want to help Miss G learn is our cell phone numbers, I think it's a valuable thing to know.

"Of course, with two numbers each 10 numerals long, there's quite a lot to memorise... So why not create something to help the process along?"

You could buy their favourite coloured beads to make them more attractive to wear (Credit: Mama Papa Bubba) ©Mama Papa Bubba

Jen bought some beads with simple numbers on, along with some letters to spell out "Mama" and "Papa" and some colourful ones to make them pretty too.

After all, if a child doesn't like something you want them to wear, you can bet it'll end up down the back of the sofa/down the loo/hidden in the back of a Barbie car.

The pretty little trinkets will now be super useful in case her little'un gets lost whilst they're on holiday - and now you don't have to teach them your mobile numbers, either!

Would you try this with your own children? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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