Mother violently attacks women mid-flight after they complain about crying baby on plane

The brawl happened mid-flight, when the mum of a crying baby attacked two women complaining about the noise


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Chan Juan Sung, 27, was on an airplane when her baby began crying and woke the two women behind her.

"She leant over the seat and punched one of them"

The pair began to tell the baby's mother to 'shut her child up', and retaliated by reclining their seats as much as possible.

According to news reports, the mother - perhaps unsurprisingly - didn't react well to their comments.

A fellow passenger told the Chinese media: "I was sitting right next to them when they started telling the woman to shut the baby up.

"She started shouting back at them and before I knew what was happening she leant over the seat and punched one of them.

"They then started hitting her and all hell broke loose."

Via CEN / EuroPics
Via CEN / EuroPics

"They were fighting, the baby was now screaming and other passengers were shouting.

"It was like some bizarre film."

Air China cabin crew were eventually able to separate the three women, and they were all taken for questioning when the plane landed.

A spokesperson for the airline said: "Passengers cannot behave like this.

"Each and everyone must adhere to aviation laws to ensure a safe and comfortable flight for all."

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