Mother slammed for plunging live electrical device into baby’s bath ‘to create bubbles’

A mother has come under fire after a video of her using an electric whisk to forth her baby’s bath went viral.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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The video, which shows the mum using a Braun electric whisk to make bubbles for her baby, was originally intended to be funny - being set to Major Lazer’s ‘bubble butt’ track as the youngster dances in the tub.

But despite this, some viewers felt using the whisk in the bath was in fact dangerous - as it’s an electrical appliance.

One commenter wrote: ‘I wouldn't use any electrical appliance in the bath tub with my baby. Maybe the GFI would trip if there was a problem, but it would not be worth the risk for me. Why not make your bubble bath first.. THEN put the baby in it (sic)?’

However despite the backlash on the YouTube video, posted by the ‘Shonky Brothers,’ many have said parents are stupid for worrying.

One such user wrote: ‘All these people talking about how unsafe it is have no idea what they are talking about. Those are disigned for liquid and are double wall insulated. Not only that, but all outlets is bathrooms are required to be GFCI protected, which means once a short happens in the slightest the circuit is turned off (sic).’

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