Mother outraged after daycare user accused baby of ‘aggressive behaviour’

The mother of a nine month old baby girl was left shocked when a daycare worker accused her child of aggressive behaviour.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Staff at the nursery sent a note home with the child, describing how Samantha had been playing 'roughly' with others and then apparently 'smiling' about it.

The mother, named only as Vero, was obviously disturbed by the suggestions that there was some kind of intent to her baby daughter's behaviour, who is still too young to speak.

She was encouraged by the Daycare workers to discourage her child's 'aggressive' behaviour, for the sake of the other kids in the nursery.

The baby was accused of being aggressive towards other children
The baby was accused of being aggressive towards other children

After the note came to the attention of blogger Alice Gomstyn, other mums reacted with anger at the suggestion that the baby was in some way enjoying hurting others.

But according to child psychologists, what Samantha may be exhibiting is actually quite common.

Babies of a certain age can show pleasure in causing reactions to what they do - without knowing that what they're doing is harmful to others, say experts.

Apparently this is all down to the child wanting to express themselves but not yet having the means to do so, as they don't yet have a command of language.

What do you think about this? Was the daycare worker right to call the mum out in this? Have you ever had a similar experience?

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