Mother who lost her 2-year-old daughter in ‘suspicious circumstances’ shares her heartbreak

The mother of 2-year-old Madison Horn, who was found dead at her home in Scotland, has spoken out about her heartbreak before defending her accused boyfriend.


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21-year-old Anne-Marie White paid tribute to her ‘precious’ daughter on Facebook she was found dead at the family home.

The young mum also defended her partner, Kevin Park, who was in the flat when Madison died.

She wrote: ‘Well I suppose everyone knows I lost my precious little girl last night and I know what everyone is saying, especially about Kevin.’

‘I just want to say that he would never hurt her. This was just an accident. It would have happened if I was in the house. He's not a bad person.’

Police arrived at the house following Madison's death
Police arrived at the house following Madison's death

‘He wouldn't let anything happen to his own kids so I'm pretty certain that he wouldn't hurt Madison. He loves her to bits. He will miss her.’

According to neighbours, Kevin was led away by police but he wasn’t in handcuffs.

An eyewitness recalled: ‘I just heard the sirens and saw the ambulance come into the street. There were a lot of police and paramedics…Then the baby came out - the paramedic came running out with her in his arms. She was lifeless - it was just horrible.’

‘The next thing I saw the boyfriend being brought out by the police - he wasn't handcuffed or anything like that, just being led away… I never saw her mum at all yesterday. The forensic investigators in the white suits turned up after 11pm.’

Police are now probing the death, which has been described as ‘suspicious.’

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