Mother left furious after shopping centre Santa promises child £400 Christmas gift

Is she right to be annoyed?

Father Christmas

by Owen Tonks |
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A mother has been left furious after a shopping centre Santa promised her son a £400 gift.

Linda Belnik, 35, took her seven-year-old old boy Joshua to Westfield in London where the Father Christmas said he would get a Star Wars Death Star Lego set.

She told South West News that he said: “See this white phone? I will call the elves now and get them to make it for you.”

She added: “I was stood there cringing. I couldn’t believe he’d promised such an expensive toy. Santa’s usually tell kids they’ll see what they can do, not promise anything.

“It doesn’t matter if he wants a teddy bear, or a pony, he can’t promise something to a kid. As a parent, I had made the decision he would not be getting the set as it costs too much. It put me in a really awkward position.”

Linda said she did not want to make anything more of it as she also had five-year-old twins Jasmine and Jasper with her and did not want to ruin Christmas for them.

Lego Star Wars Death Star

She said: “I couldn’t ask to see Santa’s manager in front of my children.”

Joshua is now confused as to why his mother is telling him he won’t be getting the Lego set after Father Christmas told him he would.

As a gesture of goodwill, Westfield bosses offered an ice-skating package for the family but Linda says it doesn’t solve the problem.

A representative for the centre said: “All grotto staff are trained and follow script guidelines which, under no circumstances, include the promise of specific gifts.

“The Santa has over 20 years’ experience and has not promised specific gifts to the child. Westfield is committed to providing the best experience for children and families.”

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