Mother left baby to freeze to death because she was embarrassed she didn’t know who father was

A young mother abandoned her baby son to freeze to death, when she became embarrassed about not knowing who his father was.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Angela Alexie, 24, gave birth to a son on December 22, 2014, alone - even severing the umbilical cord with her teeth.

Alexie may go to prison if found guilty of her crimes
Alexie may go to prison if found guilty of her crimes

But despite having three other children who are in foster care, the mother said she couldn’t bring herself to hand the baby into authorities, because she wasn’t sure if her boyfriend was the father.

Alexie then placed the baby in a plastic bag and left him on the floor of the garage until he was placed in the recycling bin.

When he was found by workers at the recycling plant, who saw him come down the conveyor belt towards them, he was blue, covered in snow, and curled up as if he was trying to stay warm.

A worker at the plant Cyndee Johnson described tearfully what she saw, saying she stopped the conveyor when she realised it was a real baby.

Alexie is accused of murder and first degree child abuse.

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