Mother dunks baby in freezing lake ‘because it’s good for his health’

Shocking footage has emerged of a mother submerging her infant in freezing cold water - in a bid to make him ‘healthier.’

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by Ellie Hooper |
Published on

The woman, named Diana, was captured on camera getting into the icy lake in Russia with her three month old son in her arms, who she quickly dunked in the water.

According to the family, submerging yourself in icy water helps to keep you healthy, and one by one all members of the family take a dip.

The footage, which was taken at a popular swimming spot in Russia, shows baby Akim being submerged in the water before bursting into tears from the shock of the cold.

As the baby is taken into the lake, a man in the background of the video cheers, commenting that he is the youngest child (at three months) to be taken into the water with this particular group.

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