Mother conned friends out of $20,000 by claiming she had bladder cancer

A 41-year-old mother conned friends and family out of thousands of pounds by pretending she had terminal bladder cancer.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Lori Stilley, 41, told friends that she had Stage IV bladder cancer, even holding fundraisers and writing a book to raise funds for her medical bills.

The lies began in February 2011, when Stilley decided to post on her Facebook that she had been diagnosed with cancer. After two months, she announced that her condition had worsened, and her supporters were quick to raise funds for her medical expenses. Friends even prepared her meals to take the pressure off, and raised further money to pay for her to get married.

Lori told friends she had terminal bladder cancer

Facebook page 'Team Lori Rocks' had more than 300 supporters, all of whom wanted to make the American woman's last few months as happy as possible.

However, Lori was caught out when her miraculous recovery in November prompted suspicion from friends - none of whom had ever seen any actual evidence of the woman's illness.

Friends even paid for Lori to marry her boyfriend

One supporter, who attended two-fundraisers for Lori said: 'Who would do that? Just the repercussion of such a huge lie. It's overwhelming to even think that somebody would be creative enough to come up with that.'

Stilley now faces paying back the money gained from the lies she told, plus performing community service.

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