Mother confesses to working three jobs to fund teenage daughter’s designer wardrobe

A mother has defended spending over £200 a week on clothes for her young daughter and working three jobs to help pay for her child’s treats.


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Jackie, who works as a carer, says she spoils her daughter, 15-year-old Lauren, with designer clothes to boost her confidence.

'I am soft with the girls… I know that I'm soft and even my friends will say: "Say no to them Jackie!" but I can't.’

Jackie has been forced to take on another cleaning job to help pay for her daughter’s designer lifestyle.

She claims that when it comes to splurging on her daughter Lauren, she’d rather spend her money than save it.

Lauren admits she feels guilty about being treated to so many clothes, some of which she has never worn.

Speaking in a Channel 5 documentary, Lauren said: ‘I do feel quite guilty because it's just money wasted. I don't know how much [my shoes] cost because my mum just buys them for me.’

'She buys them and I don't ask. I just say thank you. I know my mum is a pushover, and I'm not going to lie, it's just because she's really soft and she agrees to most stuff.'

Lauren has a paper round which her mum helps her with (stock image)
Lauren has a paper round which her mum helps her with (stock image)

Lauren has a paper round, but her mum drives her round the houses and often completes the job for her.

'I do half of it - maybe 10 papers,' says Jackie. 'Lauren does 14. But then Lauren gets the money and I don't get any.'

'I do it in the car with my mother because it's easier and and the bag is quite heavy sometimes,' reveals Lauren.

She continues: 'Lots of people don't think it's OK that my mum helps me with my paper round but I am grateful for her doing it with me because I don't think I'd still be doing it now if she wasn't with me.'

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