Mother charged with the murder of her disabled children was ‘struggling to cope’

The mother of four who has been charged with murdering her three disabled children was reportedly ‘struggling to cope.’


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42-year-old Tania Clarence was questioned following the discovery of her three children at her family home in South West London.

She has since been charged with their murder.

Tania’s husband Gary was on holiday with the couple’s eldest child at the time of the children’s deaths.

Three-year-old twin sons Max and Ben along with 4-year-old daughter Olivia had Spinal Muscular Astrophy, a condition that leaves sufferers with little or no control over their movements.

A friend of the couple’s told Times Live: ‘They (Tania and Gary) did not go and have babies knowing they were giving them a genetic disease. She's been slammed for having three kids with SMA. They had the one child, their second child, who was young, only a few months old, when she fell pregnant (with the twins). It was not planned, but they felt they could cope.’

The children were found dead at the family home
The children were found dead at the family home

‘While she was pregnant, the second child was diagnosed as having SMA. The twins were then born premature and they stayed in hospital for a long time. They then asked for the twins to be tested for SMA as well.’

‘She came home with three kids severely disabled… Everything was regulated, everything they ate diarised. I bet Tania had not had a decent night's sleep in a few years.’

‘They tried to have a normal family life in the evening, by not having a house full of carers. Tania's borne the brunt. Gary is a businessman and had to travel.’

‘Everybody complains about their kids but at least they're healthy. It just puts your life into perspective.’

Gary Clarence and the couple’s eldest daughter have reportedly returned to the UK following the shocking news.

‘Gary is in absolutely a state of shock,’ the friend said. ‘The whole family is. He never would have left the UK if he'd known (his wife) would be left really battling.’

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