Mother defends breastfeeding 5-year-old daughter: ‘Their immune system doesn’t mature until they are 7’

A mother has hit back at critics who say she is wrong for breastfeeding her five-year-old daughter.


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Sharon Spink, 44, says that she supports a mother’s right to breastfeed their child until they think it’s time to stop.

While many mothers in the UK will breastfeed until their baby is around six-months, on average, Sharon insists that breast milk is better for her child.

Speaking to a UK newspaper, Sharon said: “I’m not doing anything wrong. A mother should be free to do what she thinks is right for her child, whether that is formula feeding from birth or breastfeeding indefinitely.”

The reason she continues to breastfeed five-year-old Charlotte, Sharon admitted, is because her older daughter Isobel, 8, began losing weight around four months.

Sharon insists her decision to breastfeed her daughter for as long as she wants
Sharon insists her decision to breastfeed her daughter for as long as she wants

She said: “It made me realise I wanted to breastfeed my next baby for much longer. I liked the thought of building a close bond.”

Sharon also insists she isn’t ashamed of feeding Charlotte – up to three times a day – anywhere in public.

“I’ve breastfed in the hairdresser’s, supermarket and church before. I’ve even breastfed Charlotte in front of her school friends.”

She admitted that she breast feeds Charlotte in front of her school friends

And Sharon also dismissed the claims that breastfeeding beyond a certain age can have a negative effect on a child’s life.

She said: “Charlotte is full of life. She’s a lot healthier than other children her age and gets over colds quickly because of the boost to her immune system.”

While she says that the parents of Charlotte’s school friends are supportive of her decision, Sharon said that members of the public are not so understanding.

“I’ve had people say it’s weird and it’s child abuse and verging on pedophilic. It hurts but I’m confident in what I’m doing.”

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