Mother who abandoned newborn baby in park is spared jail

A mother who abandoned her newborn baby in a park has been spared a prison sentence (stock image).


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The 27-year-old woman- who can’t be named for legal reasons- was reportedly ‘panic stricken’ when she gave birth to the baby.

The mother was reportedly worried that the birth of a third child would lead to the removal of her two elder children.

The court heard that she had suffered from post-natal depression with her previous children and was the victim of mental and physical abused from her partner.

The judge sentenced her to a suspended six-month sentence instead of sending her to prison.

Her lawyer said: “The circumstances in relation to the birth of the baby is evidence of this defendant's sheer desperation at the position she found herself in."

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The mother had suffered from post-natal depression
The mother had suffered from post-natal depression

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The judge then said: "When her partner left things clearly spiralled out of control. When she realised she was pregnant she feared her children would be removed. In panic and desperation she acted as she did.”

The baby, named Jade, was later found in bushes by Mr Wilday and his curious dog.

“The defendant gave birth to a baby in a public park, but rather than call for medical assistance after the birth or attend the nearby hospital, she abandoned the baby to the elements,” said Lisa Newman, senior prosecutor.

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"We are thankful that Mr Wilday and his dog were in the right place at the right time to find the baby and call the emergency services.”

"If the child had not been discovered when she was, it was highly likely that she would have died.”

"Baby Jade has recovered from her ordeal and we continue to wish her all the very best as she grows up.”

Jade is now living with foster parents.

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