Missing boy, 3, found trapped inside arcade ‘claw-toy’ machine

A missing 3-year-old was found safe and sound - albeit trapped inside a claw-style toy machine at a bowling alley. Yes, really.


by Kayleigh Dray |
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The little boy's mother discovered that he was missing from their home and, after a frantic search, notified police.

Whilst the police launched a full-scale missing child search, however, patrons at a nearby bowling alley made a startling discovery.

There was a little boy trapped inside one of the claw-toy arcade machines.

Rachel Hildreth, an employee at the bowling alley, said they believe the boy climbed through the prize door, which even has a safety stop, and then up into the toy machine.

CLEARLY he had his eye on one of the toys inside - or, y'know, fancied recreating the adventures of Woody and Buzz in Toy Story.

Employees called the vendor of the machine, who brought a key to open the game and let the boy out - and police were flagged down and told the little lad was safe.


After the boy was released, completely unperturbed by the scene he'd caused, he was reunited with his mummy - and given a stuffed toy of his very own to keep.

Photos via KETV.com

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