Woman arrested after killing puppy to fake a miscarriage

A woman has been arrested after allegedly killing an 8-month-old chihuahua to fake a miscarriage

Woma kills dog to fake miscarriage

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Anita Parker told her husband that she was pregnant with his baby, and, for months, he believed she was carrying his unborn son.

He told ABC 7 News: "I guess she pushed her belly out all the time, because she looked like she was, and she sends me pictures of the ultrasounds.”

However Johnny was never allowed to accompany Anita to the doctor’s office for checkups or ultrasounds.

He was left concerned when, seven months into the ‘pregnancy’, she phoned him saying that she was cramping.

Johnny came home and found his wife covered in blood, so quickly rushed her to the hospital where doctors told him "she wasn't pregnant, she never has been pregnant."

Confused, Johnny returned home - where he found the mutilated remains of his chihuahua puppy in the rubbish bin.

He tearfully told KTLA: “[She] gutted the dog and used the blood all over my bed, like she had a miscarriage…

“I loved that dog.”

Anita later confessed to at the police that she had killed the dog in order to fake her miscarriage.

She has, as a result, been charged with felony animal cruelty and booked into Lawrence County Jail, USA, on a $7000 bond.

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