Miracle as boy found alive in rubble five days after Nepal earthquake

A teenage boy has been pulled from rubble alive, five days after the earthquake that devastated Nepal.


by Ellie Hooper |
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The 15-year-old’s rescue, that has been hailed a miracle on social media, provided a rare moment of joy for rescuers who have mainly been pulling the dead from the rubble.

Police spokesman Kaman Singh Bam confirmed the teenager was safe, telling reporters that the mu-caked teenager was fire with a neck brace and hooked up to an intravenous drip as soon as he was pulled from the ruined building.

Finding the boy provided a brief moment of joy for rescuers

Libby Weiss who was on the ground said: ‘I don’t have a logical explanation. It is miraculous. It is a wonderful thing to see in all this destruction.’

‘We understand he didn’t have any food and just two jars of ghee (clarified butter).’

‘[He was] fully conscious and was able to communicate and doesn’t have any major injuries or wounds.’

Tragically, the teenager confirmed he has been speaking to two other people until the morning before he was rescued, but that they had fallen silent and are now presumed dead.

Rescue teams have been hindered by rain, aftershocks and mud slides, making many of the remote villages effected impossible to reach.

The death toll has reached 5,844, with more than 10,000 thought to have been injured in the disaster.

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