Move over men, the ladies want a go on the BBQ!


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Apparently, we are still living in the Dark Ages as a study has found that 75% of men WON'T ALLOW women to use the barbecue.

We're sure this won't be a shock to you at all - but it turns out that men hog the bbq.

We know - SHOCKER.

But new research has shown that most women would LOVE to be the main operators of the outdoor grill, yet only 20% of lasses are "allowed" to be the wielder of the tongs.

Stop hogging the tongs, MEN (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

The study surveyed 2,000 adults, and found that 75% of men are the only ones who are "allowed" to operate the barbecue, and their partners tend to put together the salads and side dishes.


It also found that apparently, men are twice as confident as women at barbecueing, and they're three times more likely to run the barbecue than women.

Maybe women don't have any confidence because they're NEVER ALLOWED TO BARBECUE.

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But 51% of women said that men are "quick to hog" the barbecue because it "makes them appear manly", and a fifth said that as the traditional cooking role is seen as the females, this is their closest chance to being "culinary masters".

Why don't we all just share responsibilities, guys?!

The research was conducted by PGI Welsh Lamb following Llamb's Day, a festival to celebrate the Welsh Lamb season.

They are now inviting the nation to take part in the "Big Baa-BQ" - a celebration of Welsh meat.

Rhys Llywelyn of PGI Welsh Lamb said: "Barbecues are one of the great British traditions, as important to summertime as drizzle and wasps at a picnic.

"With now being the perfect time to tuck into Welsh Lamb, the Big 'Baa-BQ' is all about encouraging people to be more creative with their barbecuing, going beyond the usual frozen burgers and sausages and grilling quality Welsh Lamb.

"But we wanted to try and understand a bit more about the psychology of hosting a barbecue, and whether people are really getting the best out of their outdoor cooking.

"Grilling outdoors can be a fantastic way to cook, but it requires planning, care and attention to get good results."

There really aren't that many pictures of women barbecueing, guys (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

He added: "Men are often more confident when it comes to cooking, especially when it comes to dealing with a barbecue.

"However, confidence doesn't always actually tally with ability — as anyone who's eaten an underdone sausage or a burnt kebab will tell you."

PGI Welsh Lamb are giving away barbecues in competitions on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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